Good News, Marist! 

Who doesn’t love good news?

When we see a student have the "aha moment" in the classroom or hear about a team winning state, we share in those victories as much as the students, faculty, staff and coaches who experience them.

That second-hand positivity we experience from other people’s good news is actually a proven phenomenon. Research shows that when we share good news with others, they get some good out of it as well.

Knowing that we can positively impact others just by sharing great news opens up an incredible power for us to use. Think of all the people who could benefit from some incredible stories of success all taking place under our Marist roof.

Sharing positive news with co-workers, students, families, our community can turn into increased productivity and a generally happier school. Family and friends have a personal investment in each of our students' happiness and success, so when our students win, it is adopted as their win. 

Remember: Your good news, is our good news.

Share Your Good News

Your Daily Dose of Positivity

How often can we increase joy in such a simple way, while seeing such great results? Sharing your good news, equals good news for others. Don’t be shy, and keep those happy discoveries coming.  Allow people to get some good out of your good news. Share with us today!

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Why Share? Your Good News is Our Good News.